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Prudent Investor Update, November 26, 2018

OSC Allows ONE Investment to Expand Services

The Ontario Securities Commission has cleared the way for ONE Investments to offer investment management services to its municipal investors.

The move allows ONE Investments to move forward with a customer service team that will help municipal investors bridge the worlds of municipal finance and financial markets. As municipal government prepare for broader investment powers under the prudent investor standard (PI), this kind of support is essential. The reality is that few municipal governments have the in-house expertise or resources to hire an advisor.

Comprised of a CFA Charterholder and a retired municipal treasurer, the ONE team will help municipalities navigate financial markets, while also undertaking the detailed financial planning needed to invest effectively.

To provide this service, ONE applied for, and received, OSC approval for an exemption from certain registration requirements. Some larger municipalities have received similar exemptions in the past.

ONE Investment is thrilled with the OSC decision and to be able to move forward with this service. The team will build on ONE’s 25-year track record of serving the municipal sector with turnkey investment solutions. ONE understands the needs of the sector, the regulatory environment and how to manage partnerships with financial service providers.

Under PI, ONE is creating a business model that will allow all municipalities, regardless of size or capacity, to benefit from the new standard. The customer service team is one key component. ONE has also been developing a new structure that will allow municipalities to pool investments that are managed through a Joint Investment Board.

ONE’s primary interest is to help municipal investors do the best that they can do for their communities in a way that is right for them and which they can be confident is fully compliant with all provincial rules and regulations.

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