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ONE Investment

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We offer comprehensive training about the foundations of a municipal investment strategy. This training is available in a module-based format online and as a day-long training in person on select dates and locations. Topics covered include:

Investment Basics
  • Understanding the Legal List and the Prudent Investor Standard
  • Developing an Investment Policy and Plan for Your Municipality
  • ONE Investment offerings
ONE Investment also works with AMO in providing investment training opportunities for councillors.

Investments 101 – The Foundation for a Municipal Investment Strategy

Registration available until June 30, 2019. To register, click here.

The course offered through ONE Investment includes updated information to help municipal staff develop an understanding of the fundamentals of investing. The course will also outline how ONE Investment provides municipalities with access to the prudent investor standard for those interested in accessing the greater investment powers.

You will learn the following:
  • Review and commentary of the Municipal Act investment regulation
  • Discussion of current municipal finance issues & legislative changes
  • Overview of investment options available to the sector
  • Investment risk management principles
  • Investments and their link to your evolving asset management plan
  • Strategies for cash-flow forecasting
  • Overview of the ONE Investment
  • S. 418 Prescribed Investments
  • S. 418.1 Prudent Investor
Approximate course length: 2 hours